PA Foods Limited is a family run business which has been established over thirty years. The company was started in 1982 by Paul Dron Senior who had previously worked for Goldrei Foucard a large food manufacturing company for over twenty years. During this time he was quality control manager and research and development manager, while in these two roles he was involved in the development of a wide range of food products from ready to roll icing, cake premixes and fudge icings, as well as many other specialised food products.

Paul Dron Senior now has his two sons (Paul and Phil) and daughter (Dawnn) working with him bringing in new up-to date ideas infusing the good old fashioned morals of manufacturing bakery ingredients and supplies with fresh concepts. The new dynamic has helped progress the business to new heights.

PA Foods Limited has gone from strength to strength throughout the years, originally specialising in cake premixes for the bakery trade but as styles in the cake industry changed we have progressed to specialising in a large range of cake decorating products for retail outlets throughout the UK. Our main seller now being our range of sugar pastes, we have manufactured white and ivory sugar paste since the business started in 1982 but in around 2008 the want and need for a larger range of colours was called for, we started with the primary colours and over time we have grew our ever expanding range to over 25 different colours right across the rainbow spectrum and we plan on adding more in the near future. This does not mean by any means we have stopped developing or supplying cake premixes it has just give us a push to see what other things we could develop and recently launched last year a brand new range of flavoured cake premixes which include raspberry & white chocolate flavour, salted caramel, chocolate mint, coffee cake and many more and to extend our range even further our frostings range is gaining momentum now including the likes of strawberries and cream, elderflower, salted caramel, chocolate orange and these are just a few to mention.

We are now currently working on new healthy and ethical versions of products so keep a look out for our new range of less sugar covering paste and cake premix and also our new vegan range, we are hoping to launch both of these lines before summer 2019.