Scone Mix

A versatile scone mix which is available with fruit or without to make your own additions. 

Addition ideas - Cherries, chocolate chips, dried fruit, nuts, cheese.



Fudge Icings


High gloss fondant suitable for coating confectionary. Colours and flavours can also be added to this product.

Chocolate Fudge Icing (Chocolate Parfait) 

A versatile real chocolate icing which is easy to apply, fast drying and will not crack. This product can be piped, used as a covering or beat with the addition of margarine can be used as a creamy filling & topping for all chocolate cakes, sponges and cupcakes.

Available in pack sizes 11kg

White Fudge Icing (White Parfait) 11kg

A vanilla flavoured fudge icing which is easy to apply, fast drying and will not crack. Colours and flavours can be added to this product

Chocolate Fudge Concetrate 11kg

With an addition of fondant or sugar will make an excellent base for all your chocolate fudges, icings and fillings



Supreem Custard

Delicious cold prepared custard mix ideal for filling slices, danish choux, pastries and trifles.

Custard Powder 

A general custard powder mix.

Jelly Crystals

Raspberry Jelly Crystals

Strawberry Jelly Crystals



Whisp (powered egg blend)

A powdered mix for the production of top quality meringue shells, nests and discs for pavlovas, Whisp can also be used to make top quality royal icing.

Pastry Mixes

Pastry Mix

Choux Pastry 

Crumble Mix

Crumble Mix

A ready to use cumble mix to cover fruits

Bread & Roll Mixes

White Bread & Roll Mix

Wholemeal Bread & Roll Mix 

Savoury Filling

Savoury Filling 

The perfect filling for extending meat for the preparation of sausage rolls, scoth eggs etc. 






Lemon Supreme


A hot process lemon meringue pie filling.

Flour and Sugar

Flour and sugar are both products we can supply from one bag to pallet loads, if interested please use our enquiry form for more details.

Cookie Mix

A brand new range of cookie mixes -NOW AVAILABLE


Raspberry and White Chocolate, with added chocolate chips.

Salted Caramel, with added chewy toffee pieces.

Lemon, with added zesty lemon pieces.

Toffee, with added gooey toffee pieces. 

Coconut and Dark Chocolate Chip.

Double Chocolate Chip.

Plain Cookie Mix - This cookie mix has been left plain for you to make your own choice of inclusions, flavours and colours. (Ideal for when baking with children, they can add their own choice of inclusions without making too much of a mess, as doing it from scratch).