Cake Premix Range

We offer an extensive range of cake premixes, made to a high quality specification that promise flavour, texture and an outstanding shelf life with just the addition of water. All our cake mixes are manufactured and packaged on site by our highly trained staff.


New Flavoured Cake Mixes 

We have recently launched a new range of flavoured cake mixes which is ever expanding. We currently have the following all available in 1kg, 5kg or 12.5kg pack size

  • Strawberries & Cream
  • Raspberry & White Chocolate 
  • Salted Caramel (with real caramel pieces)
  • Chocolate Mint
  • Chocolate Orange
  • Coffee
  • Spiced Ginger 
  • Lemon 
  • Orange 
  • Banana
  • Banofee


We are constantly looking for new ideas and inspiration for new cake mix flavours and have a lot more in developmental stages which we will hopefully be launching in the not so far future. 

Find below our best sellers


Golden Delight (Vanilla Cake Mix) 

This is an all purpose cake premix made with just the addition of water with a light texture, delicious eating quailities and excellent shelf life.

Ideal for celebration cakes.

This product is also availabe in Lemon, Orange and Banana.



Chocolate Delight (Chocolate Cake Mix)

A chocolate version of our golden delight this is also an all purpose cake premix with a light texture, delicious eating quailites, excellent shelf life and mouthwatering chocolate flavour.

Ideal for celebration cakes. 

Team up with our luxuriously rich Chocolate Fudge Icing for a mouth watering chocolate fudge cake. 




Red Velvet Cake Mix 

A mild chocolate flavoured cake which is vibrant red in colour. This cake mix makes a beautiful red velvet cake with just the addition of water. 



Rich Fruit Cake Mix

An award winning indulgent rich fruit cake mix packed full of fruit, spices and other tasty high quality ingredients. 

Cover in our smooth marzipan to get a magnificent finished product.




Carrot Cake Mix 

A delicious carrot cake made with real carrot strip.



Toffee Cake Mix

A toffee cake made with real toffee pieces for added flavour.  

Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix

A delicious rich chocolate fudge brownie, which is deep in colour and dense in texture, make more luxurious with the addition of nuts, dried fruit, chooclate chips or marshmallows.  

White Fudge Brownie Mix (Blondie Mix)

A vanilla version of our chocolate fudge brownie, this can also have additions added of your choice. Our favourite addition here is white chocolate chips and cherries. 




Extra Moist Chocolate Cake Mix 

An extra moist chocolate cake for celebration cakes, this is an alternative to our chocolate delight. 




Celebration Cake Mix 

A heavy all round cake ideal for celebration cakes of all kinds, will holds it structure well. Make up with just the addition of water. 

Our other cake mixes available

Please find below a selection of our exquisite cake mixes available, all offering excellent eating qualities and a great shelf life.

  • Plain Cake Mix
  • Complete Sponge Mix
  • Chocolate Sponge Mix
  • Select Plain Sponge Mix (add your own egg)
  • Select Chocolate Sponge Mix (add your own egg)
  • Genoese Cake Mix 
  • All Purpose Madeira Cake Mix
  • Farmhouse Cake Mix
  • Lemon Madeira Cake Mix
  • Orange Madeira Cake Mix
  • Banana Madeira Cake Mix
  • Ginger Cake Mix
  • American Plain Creme Cake Mix/ Muffin Mix 
  • American Chocolate Creme Cake Mix/ Muffin Mix
  • Complete Fruit Cake Mix (Christmas Cake)
  • Rich Chocolate Cake Mix 


Egg Free Mixes

A range of egg free cake mixes for those wanting top quality sponge or madeira free from any egg products

  • Egg Free Madeira Mix
  • Egg Free Sponge Mx 



  • Ginger Cake Concentrate
  • Sponge Cake Concentrate
  • Country Cake Concentrate
  • Vanilla Cake Concentrate