Sugar Paste, Icings & Marzipan Collection

Ready to Roll Sugar Paste

We offer a wide range of Ready to Roll Sugar Paste all manufactured on site. Our Ready to Roll sugar paste is made with the best quality ingredients by
our highly trained staff in order to produce great tasting, pliable sugar paste with a unique vanilla flavour.

This is one line we have alot of experience in and is one of our most popular products selling throughout the UK under our label and our customers own label, we produce over 25 different coloured roll out icings which range from white to a deep black. All our recipes are adjusted so the consitency stays the same throughout the range, we pride ourselves on providing a consitent quality product made with the highest quality ingredients. All our sugar paste available in 250g, 500g, 1kg, 2.5kg, and 5kg pack sizes.

250g pack of sugar paste is flow wrapped into square blocks which can be stored easily for retail use.

500g and 1kg pack of sugar paste comes wrapped in a polythene bag and placed in tamper proof container with a handle.

2.5kg and 5kg pack  sugar paste comes wrapped in an oversized polythene bag this allows for the product to be suitably sealed and stored between uses, then placed in a card board box which is then sealed with tape. 

All our sugar paste, chocolate paste and marzipan packs are available with personalised labelling service. We also offer our bespoke service on this line and can develop ranges of personalised colours please enquire on 0151 549 1897.*

Please note: Ready to roll sugar paste can sometimes be known as fondant the word fondant originated in America. We do sell bakers fondant which is a high gloss icing which colours and flavours can be added, this product is usually used for icing eclairs and iced buns.

*There is a minimum order quantity for this service. 


Drip Icing 

A new modern way to dress cakes, just ice your cake and pour this delicious liquid over for a great effect. 

Available in white and chocolate. 

The white has been developed to take colour gels to colour to your desired colour. 

50% Less Sugar Covering Paste 

This a product we have launched recently, makes a great alternative for people looking to reduce sugar intake.

This product has a great flavour and once served as suggested with the cake, the difference is barely noticeable.

Modelling Paste

This new modelling paste is ideal to use for flowers, intricate models or highly detailed moulds.
It is available in white but colour pastes can be easliy added.
Available in pack sizes 250g and 1kg.



Chocolate Sugar Paste

A ready to use REAL chocolate covering paste which can be used to make braids, ribbons, ruffles, flowers or leaves. This product has been made with cake decorators in mind, so it is easy to handle. For a non stick surface try using cocoa powder for a delicious rich dark finish on the product. 



Our smooth pliable marzipan is available in pack sizes 500g, 1kg and 5kg

  • Neutral Marzipan
  • Golden Marzipan